100 Years Ago: 1919

Miss Dorothy Porter of  Greene has returned from New York. where she has been studying with Chalif, at the Russian ballet school. Miss Porter is remembered by many local people as a soloist at the recital of Mrs. Fanny Tewksbury Heth’s dancing classes last spring. She has been engaged as Mrs. Tewksbury’s assistant for her dancing classes this season. Miss Porter came to Greene with her mother from New York three or four years ago and before that was a member of the Metropolitan Grand Opera-Ballet.

50 Years Ago: 1969

The Lewiston and Auburn Exchange Club will meet jointly Tuesday noon at The Roundhouse Motor Inn. Auburn, to discuss the snowmobile rally which is scheduled to take place in January. There will be no formal speaker, ideas will be exchanged in connection with a fundraising project being held in conjunction with the rally. Thursday evening at 7:30. all those interested in the rally will meet at the home of James Betsch of Turner St., Auburn. for further planning.

25 Years Ago: 1994

Town Manager Dana K. Lee said he hoped residents would post their house numbers if a proposed townwide ordinance is passed,  it will be for their own safety to help police, fire, rescue, and others to find more quickly places requiring help,” he said during the Town Council’s discussion of the issue Monday night. The council voted 3 to1 that residents may be fined $I.00 a day for not affixing their assigned numbers. Town officials are responsible for public safety,” he said. It will be of benefit to know exactly where fire trucks should go when they are needed.”

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