To the Editor:

I’m beginning to worry about my friend Don Chase. It seems to me that he is beginning to show signs of that recently identified malady among left wing Democrats, the “hate Trump Syndrome.” What exactly is this malady? I’m not sure, but the signs seem to point to a condition where the afflicted one seems to have difficulty in distinguishing differences between truth and fiction.

Take, for example, the practice of many of the most ardent “lefties” of calling President Trump racist. Now, look at reality. For one, the unemployment rates for blacks and other minorities is the lowest it has ever been under any other American president.

Also, one Trump’s first picks for his Cabinet was Dr. Benjamin Carson, a renowned brain surgeon, the chair of HUD, the department of Housing and Urban Development. Another Trump achievement is reforming the criminal justice system, resulting in many incarcerated blacks being given the chance to reform and go through training for jobs in the economy as well as other opportunities to improve their education.

Of course, those with Hate Trump Syndrome can never accept that Trump has actually taken action to correct these and other inequities he finds within the federal government.

Other signs of “Hate Trump Syndrome” have been the obvious examples displayed daily by Adam Shiff [sic] in his managing of the first two weeks of the Democrat Trump impeachment investigations. This proceeding began when Shiff [sic] read his own iteration of Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine. This fiction was immediately revealed when President Trump released the official transcript of that conversation!

Hopefully, Don Chase will recognize the symptoms and reform his outlook.

Richard Grover
Mason Twp.

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