I am a bully.

I tell false and misleading statements.

I am xenophobic.

I speak like a person without much education.

I am a narcissist.

I surround myself with “yes” men.

I have declared bankruptcy not once but twice.

I have had many people who were once my “yes” men go to prison.

I call people who annoy me silly names.

I don’t believe Russia interfered in the 2016 election, although every bit of intelligence says it is so.

I believe I know more than the generals about running the military.

I believe I am a genius.

I do what is best for me first, not the country.

I envy my friends Vladimir and Kim, who run autocratic countries.

I withhold information and people from committees who might possibly harm me.

I know that, despite all of the above, 40 to 50% of the citizens of this country support me. They are my “yes” people.

Who am I?

A. George Washington

B. Abraham Lincoln

C. Franklin Roosevelt

D. Donald Trump

Richard Charloff, Auburn

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