Obstructing justice and asking a foreign power to investigate a political rival are high crimes in respect to impeachable offenses. Defying House subpoenas in an impeachment hearing is abuse of power. A president asking a foreign power to investigate a political rival is use of the office for personal gain. These actions are clearly a violation of public trust and can be charges for impeachment.

President Trump is on tape and in the transcript of his “perfect” call asking not for Ukraine to investigate corruption but to investigate only dealings involving Biden. If he was so concerned about Biden and Ukraine he could have investigated years ago. Not until Biden became a candidate did he care.

His request is not for our security but only for his political advantage. When Biden asked for the Ukrainian prosecutor to be fired he was acting on our and our allies foreign policy, not for personal gain.

Republicans have not been able to refute the evidence. Their defense has been to demean witnesses. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution but appear to believe their allegiance is to Trump not the Constitution.

It is clear Ukraine is dependent on the U.S. for much of its defense. Zelensky has no choice but to say he is not being coerced. He and the world know that if they go against what Trump asks or says he will use his office for revenge.

Republicans have suspended their oath and critical reasoning for raw power.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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