Regina Mullins-Greenlee will be the speaker at Thursday’s Great Falls Forum at the Lewiston Public Library.

LEWISTON — Regina Mullins-Greenlee, a survivor of addiction and human trafficking who has since assisted hundreds of women through counseling, will be the featured speaker at Thursday’s Great Falls Forum at the Lewiston Public Library.

According to the library, Mullins-Greenlee will present a talk entitled “Finding My Way Home,” marking her path from prison to a program for women that is now being modeled in Lewiston.

The program will take place from noon to 1 p.m. in Callahan Hall at the Lewiston Public Library.

Mullins-Greenlee, a 23-year survivor of addiction, prostitution and human trafficking, left prison 1997 and entered a fledgling program in Nashville, Tennessee that was founded by an Episcopal Chaplain. She was among the first four women to join the residential community that came to be known as Magdelene, along with its small social enterprise, Thistle Farms.

There are now six Magdelene houses in Nashville and Thistle Farms products are sold nationwide, including at Whole Foods Market.

As one of the founding women, Mullins-Greenlee helped identify and create many of the unique distinctions of the program and after graduating, her leadership abilities moved her into a position with the residential/clinical team, where she served as Residential Manager for 18 years, according to the news release.

“In this role, Regina directly impacted hundreds of women through peer counseling and her recovery leadership,” the release states.

In her Great Falls Forum talk, Mullins-Greenlee will share her story and the journey that led to her work with Thistle Farms.

This year, Mullins-Greenlee also opened a consulting agency called Healing Wings Consultants, which supports organizations modeled on Thistle Farms, as they expand the network of communities that welcome survivors.

There are now 40 affiliated sister programs in development around the country, including the brand new Sophia’s House in Lewiston, part of the Center for Wisdom’s Women. That organization already has a similar social enterprise known as Herban Works.

According to the news release, Mullins-Greenlee is a certified Peer Recovery Specialist and is currently completing a degree in theological studies.

The Great Falls Forum is a monthly brown-bag lunch series presented by the library that features statewide and regional leaders in public policy, business, academia and the arts.

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