After the last snowstorm, former Mayor Bob Macdonald and I were having a conversation and we both agreed that Lewiston Public Works does an outstanding job plowing, snow after storm. We both agreed that we have the best municipal snow plowing in the state. As an aside, can you imagine the two of us agreeing on something? Our politics are different, but it ends there.

Not only is the snow plowing excellent, so are the mechanics who take care of all city vehicles, our arborist, engineers, water works and all those other city departments, do an excellent job.

We talked about Public Works in that conversation, but we agree that Lewiston has outstanding municipal departments. We are most fortunate, as a city, to have such dedicated employees. Mayor Macdonald and I, together, applaud all city employees.

Lewiston and Auburn have a number of junior hockey teams. These teams need to be supported. Since my arrival from Florida for Thanksgiving, I have gone to two Maine Nordiques games. It is excellent hockey. We used to be known as “Hockey Town.” We have plenty of hockey, but the crowds are dismal. We need to fill the stands and, by doing so, it would be so much more exciting for the players and the crowd.

People should attend a game. The quality is very good and it is a wonderful and inexpensive experience for families.

Larry Gilbert Sr., Lewiston

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