Democrat Jared Golden has not yet decided how he will vote next week when the full U.S. House considers two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

A spokesman for the first-term congressman from Maine’s 2nd Congressional District said Friday that Golden will not announce a decision until next week.

Golden, who represents a district that voted heavily for Trump in 2016, is facing increasing pressure from both Republicans and Democrats to clarify where he stands on the impeachment proceedings against the president.

Rep. Chellie Pingree, the Democrat who represents the 1st Congressional District, said in a series of tweets on Friday that the impeachment articles “make clear that President Trump ignored our national security and other vital national interests to benefit himself alone.”

“Our Framers were worried a president would abuse their power to advance their own interests, which is why they included a process for impeachment in our Constitution,” she continued. “By directing the White House and Executive Branch officials not to cooperate with a coequal branch of government, President Trump has left us no choice but to continue the impeachment process with the breadth of evidence before us.”

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