The Big Fluffy Pillows

Author’s Note: Hello, I am Carole Richards from Livermore and I have been submitting stories of my childhood in Wilton called growing up Wilson. This story is just a story I have written about the here and now. I will continue with the Growing up Wilson series after Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hon and I were ecstatic with our new fluffy pillows so I had an idea, pillows for everyone! I was constantly on the quest for new and different Christmas gifts for my family.

The very next day I set off for the nearest home furnishing store to quiet my boundless excitement to buy the perfect gift for the 15 family members on my list.

I love this store with all the luscious smells of candles, linen sprays, and the smell of new towels, I strolled leisurely through the aisles stocked with bright colored bed spreads and blankets.

The linens were in the furthest corner of the large store; I had selected the largest shopping cart available and headed in that direction. There they were queen size fluffy bright white masses of comfort and in a big bin for my convenience! The first three pillows fit nicely in the cart with just slight pressure from my open palms, the next five needed forceful punches from my closed fist, but they were stacking nicely into the nearly full cart. Now only seven more to squeeze in the corners two went in nicely in the space of the closed baby seat, Three more went on top of the already over stuffed cart, these required full body punching with vigorous blows, to the middle of the soft fluffy pile. The last two I wedged under the handles. Slowly I began my journey to the check-out counter far in the distance.

I was near the small appliance shelves when the pillows began to fill once again with air, puffing up in to the air space above the loaded cart, reaching out to the stocked shelves, their protective plastic covering making their escape all the more possible. They sprang to life and tried to return to their puffy glory they had enjoyed just a few minutes before, I leaned over the handle bars and tried to thwart their escape by punching at the fluffy mass, I was somewhat hindered by the two pillows stuffed under the handle bars they had come to life and were once again filled to their glorious queen size and obstructed the view of the narrow aisle. I careened into the soap shelf barely missing the liquid soaps as the pretty bottles clung to their appointed place of honor. I barely missed tipping the overloaded cart as I rounded the corner by the neatly displayed picture frames.

As I raced past the candles the first pillow hurled itself to the floor and slide under the Christmas scented Yankee candle display. I caught a slight whiff of spiced cider as I hurried up the aisle my arms flailing on all sides as I punched and poked at the wayward pillows.

The check out was in sight with no one in line, there is a god, as I screech to a halt the pillows began to slide across the counter in their delight to be free of the confinements of the cart.

The clerk looked startled as the avalanche of pillows skidded off the counter and tried to spill into the small space near the register, but she regained her composure in time to catch three pillows before they dove off the end of the counter. I heard a voice behind me and turned just as two shoppers ran up to me each carrying two pillows that had fallen out along the way. I thanked them wondering all the while how I could have not seen four pillows flying out of my cart.

I did get them all home and they made a huge mound on my spare bed where they stayed all puffed up under a blanket until Christmas Eve when I gave them out to my family. They were delighted with the lovely big fluffy pillows.

Next year down comforters for all!

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