GILEAD — The Wild River Riders Snowmobile Club is reopening an abandoned trail to re-connect the Bethel end of North Road to trails maintained by the Greenstock Snow Sports Club in Bryant Pond.

Wild River club Secretary Carol Bourque said the unused trail, which is about two miles long, has not been maintained for eight years. Club members have cut the brush, built bridges and installed signs.

“A lot of people on the North Road been asking about the trail,” Assistant Trail Master Jim Bourque said.

The club repaired nine bridges this year and replaced a large one across the Pleasant River near the pipeline at the West Bethel-Gilead line. Members also bought a new groomer this year.

Map of trails maintained by the Wild River Riders Snowmobile Club in Gilead.

Wild River Riders maintains 30 miles of trails linking Maine to New Hampshire and Evans Notch, as well as connecting with the Stoneham Knight Riders and Greenstock clubs’ trails.

The Gilead club has also reached out to landowners about allowing trails through their properties.

“They have been wonderful, but they do have legitimate concerns,” Carol Bourque said.

One landowner who has young children who enjoy playing in their backyard told the club she did not mind having the trail run through the side of her backyard as long snowmobiles slow down.

Members put up signs near the property to warn riders about their speed.

“Our landowners are very generous, but again, they do have concerns and we are in danger of losing some key sections if people do not stay on the trail,” she said.

The Bourques gave special thanks to the founders of the club, Jay Milot, Jeff Hutchins and Fred and Sue Corriveau, for their years of work.

“For 20 years the four of them were practically doing everything on their own,” Bourque said. “We have now expanded the club, got some younger people in there and now we just want to move forward.”

The club has about 25 members, including President John Walker, Vice President Jay Milot, Secretary Carol Bourque and Treasurer Tracy Walker.

People interested in joining Wild River Riders or who have questions can email [email protected]

The club meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Gilead Town Hall, or the Bethel Regional Airport if the hall isn’t available. The meetings are announced on the Facebook page “Wild River Riders.”

Members of the Greenstock Snow Sports Club in Bryant Pond stand in front of their new trail groomer. Samuel Wheeler/The Bethel Citizen 

The Greenstock Snowsports Club also purchased a new groomer recently and is welcoming donations to pay the balance of the loan.

It is also in need of more members to get trails ready for snowmobilers.

The club meets monthly at the Greenwood Town Office.

Samuel Wheeler — 207-824-2444

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