To the Editor:

I’m writing to hopefully find a souffle/casserole dish I mistakenly left at Turkey Tuesday. It was a mix up at the end of the night in the kitchen. There were two souffle dishes in the kitchen that had been rinsed out and I took the wrong one.

I had a 50/50 chance and did not get it right. The casserole dish is white, about 4 inches tall, and approximately 10 inches in diameter with raised ridges on the outside. I ended up with one that says Corning Ware on the bottom.

The one I left is French and possibly doesn’t have a name on the bottom. I’m asking because it belongs to a friend and isn’t mine, the reason I grabbed the wrong dish. Whoever took the souffle dish left in the kitchen where the dishes were being rinsed would have most likely seen that there was only one dish like that left.

The one that was left was a wedding present from 52 years ago and is the reason that I am trying to find it. If you brought a similar dish to Turkey Tuesday, please check the bottom, perhaps the casserole you grabbed was the one I am looking for.

I do have whomever’s casserole dish I took. Also, whomever has it would have ended up leaving later in the evening, after about half of the people were gone. Late enough, that the dishes had been cleared! If you have any info or think you may have the dish, please contact me at 461-6232. I do have a small reward!

Cathy Lane
Albany TWP

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