100 Years Ago: 1919

Kora Arab Patrol Assemblies will take place this evening at the temple on Sabattus Street. Music will be furnished by Barry’s Orchestra.

50 Years Ago: 1969

North Vietnam refused today to allow H. Ross Perot and his two plane-loads of Christmas gifts or American prisoners of war. The Texas billionaire then proposed: —To fly the 1,400 canned Christmas dinners in his cargo Hanoi to be fed to North Vietnamese children orphaned by the war. He told a news conference the Hanoi regime Is now considering this proposal. —To fly the medical supplies. personal packages. mail and clothing to Moscow aboard his chartered airliners for relay to the prisoners by Soviet postal channels. Hanoi had told him to mail the packages via Moscow, but Perot said only by flying them in his planes could he beat the Dec. 31 deadline North Vietnam has put on accepting Christmas parcels. —To Inspect prisoner of war camps In South Vietnam, and travel to Hanoi, and to offer financial and other help to North Vietnamese families so they could send parcels to relatives held prisoner In South Vietnam.’ He said this would prove to Hanoi “that we arc strictly human,

25 Years Ago: 1994

It’s a classic dilemma. Christmas-weary moms and dads want to socialize on New Year’s Eve, but the kids need a reliable baby sitter. No need for despair. As the big night draws nears there are plenty of baby sitters in the Lewiston Auburn area, including the YMCA_ “It’s not a problem I really haven’t heard of anyone having trouble finding a baby sitter,” Beth Emerson of Lewiston, a mother of three. said Thursday. Both parents and sitters say there is enough evening supervision to go around on New Year’s Eve. Their advice: Ask middle schoolers and book them early. ‘The girls I use are in the 13-15 age group. They don’t seem to have plans and they make great baby sitters,”  “I’m using my regular one, a mother of two, said. Among the babysitting set, the money’s lure is enough to keep them In on New Year’s Eve, “All my friends think they should:d go out, but I think I should stay in and make some money,’ Haley Stone, 13, of Lewiston, said. Baby-sitting fees remain a bargain, parents say. Stone said she charges between  $12.50 and $13.per hour. Emerson said she usually pays $13 an hour,  or more during dinner time.

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