LEWISTON — It’s time to start thinking about USM LAC Senior College winter classes — one-day courses that meet for about two hours. The first class will be Jan. 28.

Further information and a complete schedule will be available soon in a pamphlet and on the website.

A list of courses, instructors and brief review are listed below. For more information, visit  [email protected] or call 207-753-6610.

Man on the Moon, Apollo 11; Alan Elze: In May 1961, President John Kennedy said the goal for the nation space program was to land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth before the end of the decade. Between 1961 and 1969 a lot of work and imagination had to go into putting a man on the moon.

Behind the Reporter’s Notebook; Bonnie Washuk: What’s it like to be a newspaper reporter? Newly retired Sun Journal reporter Bonnie Washuk shares her experiences and stories of the stories.

Game Day: Gamer’s Choice; Sally and Paul Belisle: A morning of fun and games. Bring a game to share. “Bethumped” and “25 Words  or Less” will be available.

Cannabis Community State of the Union; Joel Bucknam: He will discuss cannabis current events and the impact on the 55+ community.

Virtue and its Role in the Founding of the United States; Charles Plummer: The course will focus on the conditions that led to the break with England, the ideals and principles that guided the founding of the United States, and attempt to design institutions that would be capable of realizing the ideals that were expressed in the founding documents.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems — Drones; Dan LeClair: He will cover the operation of multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones, their uses and applications across industries, Federal Aviation Administration policies and regulations, operational risks and insurance.

Picking Away at a Genealogical Brick Wall; Pam Davis-Green: Recent family generations have been easy to confirm with documentary evidence. However, her great-great-great-grandmother’s birth and parentage was a genealogical brick wall preventing her from understanding that branch of her family tree. She will share the genealogical research tools she used to break through this brick wall.

Piano Man; David Bernier: A look at the successful career and music of singer, songwriter and piano man, Billy Joel.

The Gibson Girl; Alan Elze: In the late 19th and early 20th century, Charles Dana Dixon, an illustrator, introduced America to the Gibson girl. It will be an illustrated lecture utilizing original images.

Stone Soup; Paul Drowns: The class will create recreate a soup with three stones, then share it. Bring a vegetable to throw in the pot.

A Good Man with a Dog; Roger Guay: Author Roger Guayabera discusses his book, which follows his 25-year career as a Maine game warden. His frequent companion is a little brown lab named Reba, who can find discarded weapons, ejected shells, hidden fish and missing people.

Create a Free-Flowing Painting; Anita Poulin and Linda DeSantis: Students at each table pass their canvas from one to another, adding to it with acrylics until it returns to the original creator for finishing touches. Everyone brings home a finished art piece. No experience needed.

Four Graveyards and a Christening; Judy Hierstein: She describes a visit to family still in England. The trip was punctuated by tombstones, old homes and pubs, old aunties and new babies, with the chunnel and a little Shakespeare thrown in.

Game Day: Trivial Pursuit; Alan Elze: For those interested in trivia.

The New “Three R’s,” A Conversation on Reducing, Reusing and Recycling; Christine Holden: The class will discuss things they can do today to preserve the planet for their grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Who in the World Came Up with These Things?; Carole Hanscombe: Based on Panati’s book, “Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things,” the class will explore  the history of everyday things.

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training; Peter Elias: Green dot teaches safe, simple, effective bystander intervention techniques that every member of the community can use, both proactively to change culture for the better and minimize harm.

The Many Faces of the Atom; Hugh Keene: Scientists have entertained many theories about the atom, such as, the atom was one solid ball, the blueberry muffin model, and the planetary model.

Back, WAY Back, to School; Penny Jessop: School marm Penny Jessop will inspire her students during a typical 1850s school day in the historic West Auburn schoolhouse.

Healthy Eating for One  or Two People; Alola Morrison: A discussion of how to read food labels, general nutrition tips and smart buying strategies.

A Geezer Adventure in Vietnam; Bill Hiss: Hiss spent two months in Vietnam as a volunteer consultant to Albright University Vietnam, their first liberal arts institution. He will offer an illustrated  talk on living in modern Vietnam, 45 years after becoming a unified independent country.

The Trans-Continental Railroad 150 Years; Alan Elze: It has been 150 years since the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroad made history at Promontory, Utah. He will examine some of the history and skulduggery that went into the  building.

Game Day – Favorites; Carol Seward: Bring  favorites to share. Scrabble and Mah Jongg will be available.

Introduction to DNA for Genealogists; Lin Wright: Wright will discuss how many advances in the science of DNA have impacted the search for ancestors.

Reflexology; Lynn Poor: This course is a brief introduction to the history of the noninvasive holistic modality, which can be utilized in daily life to assist relaxation and wellness and can be practiced either on oneself or others.

The Civil War in Maine; Dick Duplisea: Many people don’t realize that there was Civil War activity in Maine, including an attempted bank robbery by the Confederates in Calais.

Israel Today; Diane Clay and Joel Packer: Having just returned from Israel,they will share the oldest traditions and the latest happenings.

Religion, What is it?; Steve Piker: Religion is universal to human cultures, but what is it? Are religious beliefs true? Is religion a force for good or bad in the human career? How do beliefs relate to behavior? Does or can religion cause violence?

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