The stories regarding Marshwood Center in the Sun Journal (Dec. 15 and 22) were deeply disturbing and would be if only 25% accurate. That facility is not the only one who needs to be investigated. There are other such situations that are nearly the same because the state and its Department of Health and Human Services are not doing their job.

I have personal experience with DHHS and what they are thought to be doing is far from what is actually done. From my opinion, many of the DHHS personnel — who are supposedly the watchdogs to make sure our ill citizens are safely cared for — are doing little to protect those in need.

There are many laws created by the Legislature to supposedly prevent and rescue those Maine sick and children who have fallen between the cracks, but most are mainly window dressing that allow more government jobs that dismally fail to correct the problem. One only has to remember the recent trial of the death of that little 10-year-old daughter of Sharon Carrillo in Belfast to see how badly DHHS failed her. What is happening at Marshwood is yet another example.

The Legislature and the state agencies it created are a sham and stories such as Marshwood corroborate how badly our government is failing us.

Mainers need to wake up.

George Fogg, North Yarmouth

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