Most people are well past impeachment-weary, even as we know how significant its resolution is for our democracy. What is called “debate” changes no minds but leaves everyone angry. For some legislators an impeachment vote “comes with a cost no matter what,” as Elliott Epstein recently wrote regarding Sen. Susan Collins’ upcoming decision.

I saw some of the cost Jared Golden paid in the angry Facebook post of a friend of mine — and the echoing comments of his friends.

Rep. Golden took it from both sides for voting to impeach on abuse of power but not on obstruction of Congress. He had wanted the House to further exhaust the legal process on that issue, rather than rush to a decision.

While that is not the approach I would have taken, I respect that thoughtful independence. Frankly, on this and any issue I want our representatives to avoid being locked into ideological camps and to come to conclusions after the arguments have been made.

Being a member of Congress is a damn thankless job, and we all wish they would spend their time solving problems that affect our lives directly. Regarding Jared Golden, I am impressed that he has the courage to vote his convictions in spite of the predictable anger and personal cost it triggers.

Gene Geiger, Lewiston

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