Central Maine Power said the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine supports the New England Clean Energy Connect. No, it doesn’t; support has been withdrawn.

It said power from Hydro Quebec is clean energy. No, it’s not.

It said power from HQ is from a new source that hasn’t already been used. No, it’s not.

CMP said the NECEC will help mitigate climate change. No, it won’t.

I think CMP is downplaying the width of the right of way. Don’t think for a minute it won’t cut the rights of way to the maximum width allowed from the permits.

CMP expected the corridor to make a difference in reducing emissions, but wouldn’t guarantee it. “That’s not our job.”

The only thing CMP can claim is that it will give a paltry sum of money to Maine. The money dedicated to ratepayers through 40 years amounts to approximately 35 cents per month benefit. CMP benefits from the electric car-charging stations and heat pump initiative because it sells the electricity for both. Given its record of over-billing ratepayers, how can we be sure of the money they promise to Mainers for the NECEC?

Now we read that Hydro Quebec is stepping into the muck because, apparently, the proponents are now worried that a statewide referendum for the NECEC might actually happen, closing the door on their gigantic profits.

So, here we have Iberdrola, a Spanish company; Avangrid (an amalgam of Iberdrola U.S. + UIL Holdings); and now Hydro Quebec. Do we need these foreign companies with their billions of dollars and lobbyists to help Mainers decide on what’s best for Maine?

Richard Aishton, Farmington

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