To the Editor:

I write this letter as a conservative father, grandfather, Vietnam era veteran, and tax payer that’s sick and tired of those saying President Trump is crazy, racially prejudiced, etc. in this and other local papers. Granted, the man is no saint, yet his many accomplishments despite constant Democratic party and their media’s blocking and harassment are nothing short of amazing. President Trump puts the USA and it’s citizens first, instead of making apologies for America and looking to the interests of unlawful immigrants, dole-collecting bums, and other countries; interests, all too often at the expense of the USA.

When I was young, I knew I had to get a job if I wanted to be a true adult, live independently, and get job-associated medical benefits. I never considered bumming off my parents or living at home until age 26, nor did I expect the government to provide me with free medical benefits as a right or any other benefit unless I earned it. Trump a racist? Well, does a racist receive an award from Jesse Jackson for opening up jobs and opportunities for black people in New York City? Does his support for the Second Chance Act, which allows for the redemption of formerly habitual criminals (most of them minority), indicate a racist? How about the actions he has taken to support the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel?

In contrast, all Democrat 2020 presidential candidates swore to Al Sharpton to support legislation providing financial restitution to black people today for slavery in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries. As a white person that wasn’t alive during that time, I consider this racist and nuts! The Democrat candidates also brag about how they will provide free/affordable health care for all, but deny the fact that working/middle class Americans’ taxes will significantly increase, except for socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders admits that more taxes must be paid, but matter-of-factly declares Americans will think it’s “worth it”. Senator Warren presents in her Robin Hood Health Care Plan, that she will increase taxes for rich Americans to pay for the poor. Never mind her unrealistic estimate of 52 trillion dollars required for it’s funding, despite the fact the entire USA’s annual GDP is $4 trillion a year!

The Democrat party stands for open boarders, globalism instead of national sovereignty, unconstitutional gun control and seizure by red flag laws, and restrictions upon our freedoms of speech and assembly. I advise my fellow citizens to pay attention to what’s going on now politically in the state of Virginia, namely the states’ Democrat Governor, Democrat Attorney General, and Democrat Majority Legislature that are threatening their citizens’ Second Amendment rights with police and National Guard troops! Patriots have mobilized and intend to assemble in the city of Richmond on January 20, 2020, including with armed-citizen militias, declaring they will not obey or enforce any of the Democrat party sponsored Red Flag Laws against the Second Amendment.

Stop watching NFL, get off the phone, and wake up, folks! Otherwise, you will see New Hampshire eventually turn into a wasteland, like what has happened to the state of California. Once a gem, California’s news reports daily about human excrement on sidewalks from bums on the streets, criminal gangs, spiraling drug abuse and overall environmental destruction. This is the direct result of decades of consistent Democrat party leadership there. Wake up, citizens of New Hampshire! Otherwise you too will “progressively” lose the sovereignty of both your state and country to liberal government tyranny, and immigrants who refuse to assimilate to our values, or reciprocate the generosity of the American People.

John A. Sullivan, Jr.
Berlin, NH

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