DEAR SUN SPOTS: In 2010, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. Our family decided to fundraise to help the victims. We had bottle drives and worked through our church to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti called Free the Kids that was founded and run by a local resident, the Rev. Marc Boisvert.

We have also been collecting bottles at Lewiston High School for many years. Teachers have been generous with both bottles and donations. In the fall of 2016, Kate Adams from Lepage Bakeries reached out to us to offer us bottles from two Lepage sites. During the past three-plus years, this has resulted in an additional $10,000 for Free the Kids.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kate and her fellow employees, including Mark Welborn, who assists me at Lewiston High School, and others who have contributed money and bottles to raise these funds. The $10,000 goes a long way in Haiti! Thanks to all of you!

Anyone interested in donating may do so at or with a check made payable to Free the Kids and sent to The Fortiers, 29 Martin Dr., Lewiston, ME  04240.

— Bernie, Lewiston

ANSWER: This is an amazing accomplishment and I’m so pleased you shared this story with us, Bernie! What really stands out to me is how monetary donations, no matter how small, as well as bottle collections, add up. I’m very impressed that Lepage Bakeries and the teachers have stepped up to help you meet your fundraising goals.

When I checked out the website, I was so touched by the kids’ sweet faces and by all the work that is happening to care for them.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I hope you had a lovely holiday! I’m a bit tardy in sending this huge thank you to someone special. On Friday, Dec. 20, I was in the Spring Street Hannaford at the register and I noticed this wonderful tote the lady in front of me had and commented on it. Her daughter said that I could get one near the back of the store for only $4.99. I thanked her for the information, but since I was next in line, I didn’t want to go back.

Just before they left, the Mom just gave me their tote bag! I have never had this happen, but I see that many people are also experiencing these acts of kindness. I just wanted to share what this meant to me.

I love this Hannaford “Close to Home Box” and each time I use it, it makes me think of the kindness extended to me that day. I will pass it on (not my tote, ha, ha) in some fashion. It is just so nice to have complete strangers give a gift, no matter what it is. I wish a peaceful New Year and a happy decade to this mother and her daughter.

— Rose, Poland

ANSWER: What a nice story and again, I appreciate all the good and shiny things happening in Sun Spots Land.

The “Close to Home Box” Rose is referring to is the special tote you can buy at the store or online. It’s dark brown with the Hannaford logo and looks really big and sturdy!

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