Evidently Severin Beliveau and Bill Nemitz have not yet come to grips with the reality that the Democrat Party of today is no longer that of Truman, JFK, Tip O’Neill, or Joe Lieberman, all of whom would be considered conservatives today.  The party has swung to the hard left, dominated by vicious zealots like Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Omar, Warren, Pressley, BiBlasio, and the list goes on.  The only thing standing strong against a socialist America is President Donald Trump, whom the Democrats will attempt to stop at any cost, including trashing the truth, sanity, and the Constitution.  The whole impeachment debacle was nothing more than a phony partisan witch hunt, perpetrated upon the American people. The business of government, as should be practiced by the legislative branch, ground essentially to a halt at the hands of the Democrats, who wasted a fortune of money and time on desperately trying to find anything to hang on Trump. Democrat Representative Al Green of Texas, and others, have even stated that if Trump is re-elected, they will impeach him again.
“Beliveau is astounded at the similarities between Nixon and Trump.”   Really?  And just what are they?  Compared to the White House shenanigans of William Clinton and Obama, Trump indeed looks like a choir boy right now!   Yet the Democrats, fully versed in their Orwellian “DoubleSpeak,” will protect the lying, corrupt Bidens, who profited millions from the Ukrainians, while ham-handedly trying to twist it all around on Trump.  And the Maine Democrat “Squad” gave us the concept of “rank voting,” which essentially makes it impossible for Republican voters in the northern and western counties to have an effective vote, thus removing the excellent Bruce Poliquin, and replacing him with the leftist neophyte, Jared Golden.  This is just another manifestation of gerrymandering; however, if adopted nationwide, it will mean that all presidential elections will be decided by the voters in a handful of major east and west coast cities.  And this isn’t a form of corruption? Please.   Want more?  How about the blatantly corrupt practices of the Clinton Foundation?   Hillary Clinton’s lies about the disgraceful Benghazi debacle?
Fortunately, many Americans are waking up to the fact that the Democrats are not the “party of the working people,” but the “party of the people who don’t want to work,” The party that has kept African-Americans down since the Civil War, and was in opposition to every early attempt at civil rights legislation.   Power is their goal, and centrist Democrats like Pelosi have shown their willingness to throw their principles under the bus in order to maintain that power.  They buy their votes by offering more and more “free stuff,” like the imbecilic Green New Deal, which will do away with planes and automobiles and those damned flatulent cows!
In the last election, Trump won 2,626 counties nationwide, to Clinton’s 487.  I am happy to say that Trump carried Rangeley and Franklin County.  He has given America the lowest unemployment rates- EVER.  The stock markets continue to reach new highs.To be sure, his style can be offensive, but we are not voting for style!  It’s quite simple; you can vote for a person who has made terrific strides in Making America Great Again, or you can vote for the Democrat nominee, who promises to dole out the most free stuff, at taxpayer expense.  Do you want “sanctuary cities,” or a secure border?  Would you prefer a strong military, or free everything for illegal aliens?  Are you a fan of third trimester, or even post birth, abortions, or do you think some sanity should be included in that whole process?
Are you interested in a fatter bottom line on your paycheck, or would you rather have your money seized to fund every inane entitlement program the Democrats can conceive?
Democrat hacks can stage all the witch hunts and phony innuendos they want, but they can’t change the facts!    The choice is yours-  make it a good one!Keevin Geller
Sharon, MA

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