The new year has been celebrated and we return to “ordinary time”: Daily routines of work, school and organizations.

So too returns that endless stream of political drivel: printed, posted and broadcast.

Within days, the talking heads will get (or compose) a fresh load of rubbish to spread along with their fact free conclusions. Candidates will seek every opportunity for camera time and political advertisements will push the skin creams and antacids off the air anywhere there’s a caucus or primary. 

While producers plot kicking it up a notch, it’s instructive to review their past three years of rubbish in the light of what we now know. 

In 2016, the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid millions to Fusion GPS for the infamous “Steele Dossier” in which not even the punctuation was factual. On Dec. 9, 2019, the Horowitz Report detailed a litany of 17 FBI and DOJ abuses of the FISA process, not the least being the use of that dossier, known to be fiction, to obtain warrants permitting the FBI to spy on American citizens, violating both the law and their constitutional rights.  

In May of 2019 the Mueller report was released, destroying in detail every premise of the “collusion” narrative. But for manipulation by some senior FBI staff, who now blame the CIA for giving them unreliable information, the Mueller investigation would never have been authorized. Some still arrogantly assert that Mueller’s failure to find proof of wrongdoing does not exonerate the president. 

When the Mueller circus tent collapsed, congressional Democrats quickly manufactured two articles of impeachment, neither of which will be sustained by the Senate. Knowing that, Speaker Pelosi refused to submit the articles demanding she be guaranteed a “fair” process, meaning a process she controlled. 

The Department of Justice – Inspector General Report stated that no testimony had been given and no documents had been found specifically citing political bias as the reason for the improper activities. Curiouslythe same propagandists gleefully declared that the lack of documented proof “exonerated” the FBI of wrongdoing. 

People who paid attention and cared about the truth and the facts have read the documents and know which outlets created and peddled these false narratives. Perhaps they also wondered if the $8 billion ($13 billion by some accounts) in Ukraine aid that “vanished” explains the vehement opposition to investigating Ukraine links to Americans (of both parties) during the Obama Administration. Hopefully their mendacity has so completely discredited them that they will become irrelevant, bankrupt and ignored

We may well wonder whether they even know that the president speaking truths and facts they don’t like to hear does not make what he says a lie, racist, divisive or hateful, but their hateful language and now discredited fabrications have succeeded in increasing both the determination and the numbers of the president’s supporters.   

Donald Trump stunned and humiliated the deep state subversives in Washington by winning, despite their now four-year long disinformation offensive. Nothing illustrated this more than the State Department professionals testifying that they, not the president, should set foreign policy and that by circumventing and firing them he had abused his authority.  

The rantings of Maxine Waters surely must embarrass ethical Democrats, but nothing illustrated the poverty of ethics among House Democrats more than Rep. Al Greene saying in May 2019: “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected,” and confirming, in December 2019, that Democrats decided to impeach Donald Trump before he was even nominated and began the quest to manufacture a pretext. 

Voters have said they support Donald Trump because he said what he’d do in the campaign and then did it when in office. Some candidates promise to make the world “fairer,” eliminate income inequality, erase hate and discrimination, make health care and higher education simultaneously better and free, eliminate crime, homelessness, and addiction.  But those results are often promised and never delivered. 

What they will do is raise taxes and spend more to once again not deliver. Candidates worth hearing and considering speak of what they will do, not the result they will create. They will act to further reduce taxes, eliminate regulations that cripple business, stop illegal migration and institute merit-based immigration, appoint judges who respect the law and the Constitution, return control of education to communities, fulfill government’s commitments to the elderly, the needy, our veterans, and especially the unborn, nullify laws attacking constitutional rights, and promote responsible approaches to protecting the environment while preserving our economy and quality of life. 

Perhaps one day we’ll even see a candidate willing to tackle entitlement extravagance. 

We’ll see what happens, but indications are that enough voters have become woke to the difference between promised results and promised action that we can reasonably anticipate many more Washington subversives, haters, schemers and scoundrels will be dismissed in November. 

Another View is a weekly column written collaboratively by Dale Landrith of Camden, Ken Frederic of Bristol, Paul Ackerman of Martinsville, Jan Dolcater of Rockport and Ralph “Doc” Wallace of Rockport.

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