Lewiston Adult Education Director Bill Grant stands by a banner showing the entrance to the new location of the Adult Learning Center at Longley School.

LEWISTON — Lewiston Adult Education’s Adult Learning Center has headed upstairs in Longley Elementary School.

Adult education teachers moved desks and chairs from the basement to spaces once occupied by the elementary school. The rooms and the library became vacant last fall after the closure of Longley and Martel schools and the opening of Connors Elementary School.
The new Adult Learning Center scheduled Monday, Jan. 13, as the official opening date.
Lewiston Adult Education Director Bill Grant put up a large banner at the entrance on the left-hand side of Longley School to help students find the new location. Orange traffic cones with arrow signs point from the main entrance of Longley School to the side door beyond the front playground.
Lewiston High School’s alternative education program has classrooms at the front of the building. Alternative education and adult education are in separate areas of Longley School, with the former cafeteria between them.
The Adult Learning Center offers high school equivalency tests, English language lessons and citizenship classes. The school library now has computers used for High School Equivalency Test, the HiSET, which has replaced the GED in Maine.
Adult Education teacher Don Roux said that when he began teaching in the late 1980s, room one in the basement was being used for pottery classes and had a kiln. The room could be hot from the pottery being fired but it was the only classroom with a window.
“Thirty years and I’ve finally moved up to the first floor,” he said.


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