JAY — Patty Richards was at work Friday, Dec. 6, when she started receiving phone calls from her neighbors. “They asked if I had black labs,” Richards said. “I don’t, but I was told there was a litter of black lab puppies in the road by my house and one of them has been hit by a car.”

Patty Richards of Jay is seeking donations to help with Daisy’s veterinary costs. Daisy was hit by a vehicle in December. Submitted photo

Richards rushed home and with the help of her neighbors, the puppies were gathered.

The puppy that was hit had a badly injured leg and was in need of veterinary care. “The owners were found but the puppy did not get the care needed,” Richards said.

Immediately, Richards started a fundraiser through Facebook to try to raise money for Daisy’s medical costs.

A full five days later, Daisy was seen by Dr. Stephen Kinney of Gray Animal Hospital. It was the first medical attention she received, Richards said.

“Daisy’s leg was broken,” she said. “He pinned the break, but bone marrow had leaked out and the leg was badly infected. We knew there was a chance for an amputation at the knee.”

Richards obtained ownership of Daisy and was able to ensure she had the care she needed.

Over the last month, Daisy required several return visits to Kinney to try to save the leg, Richards said.

During a visit last week, another infection was discovered, Richards said. “The break was calcifying and Dr. Kinney decided to remove the pin,” she added.

“Thankfully, the infection was not in the bone. We are praying there is enough fusion to hold the bones together and so her leg can continue to heal. If this does not work, she will lose her leg. It will be another week or two before we know if she is out of the woods.”

On Monday, Jan. 13, Richards said Daisy was home recovering. “Dr. Kinney has forgiven much of the cost, but we are about $150 short of satisfying her current bills and we don’t know what care will be needed going forward,” she said.

Daisy may also need physical therapy to get the leg muscles working correctly, she added.

Once the healing process is over, Richards will begin looking for a forever home for Daisy.

“Dr. Kinney assured me she will live a long and happy life,” Richards said. “I am humbled by everyone’s kindness and donations so far. It really has taken a village.”

Richards has set up a Help Daisy donation page at www.facebook.com/donate/982053772147889/10212069271886141/.  Donations can also be made directly to Gray Animal Hospital by calling 657-1132. Richards said donations made directly to the center will eliminate fees associated with the online donation page.

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