President Donald J. Trump was impeached. He cannot get that removed from history by lying, scamming, cheating, bullying, name-calling, blaming, tweeting or buying his way out. The two articles of impeachment has gone to the Senate for step two of the constitutional process — the “impeachment trial.” There was no trial in the House of Representatives, just investigations for  impeachment (indictments). The trial rules will be established by the senators with only 51 votes.

The  100 senators are the jury and take an oath: ‘‘I solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of President Donald Trump, now pending, I will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws: So help me God.”

Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell stated he will not follow the oath and will work with defendant Trump on trial rules. There may be no witnesses, no released documents — making it a real “kangaroo court.” Trump’s men, John Bolton, William Barr, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Rudy Giuliani, may not testify under oath and Trump has ordered no subpoenaed documents will be presented for the American people.

To remove a president from office takes 67 votes. When the Senate Trumpists vote not to remove him from office using this “kangaroo court,” the American people will clearly see a Republican cover-up in action.

Removed or not removed from office, Trump will still be an impeached president, along with Johnson and Clinton. Impeachment is a win for the U.S. Constitution and democracy.

Crystal Ward, Lewiston

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