DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a Kohler & Campbell Spinet piano to give away. It is in excellent condition, other than needing to be tuned. It’s free to anyone who wants to move it. Please contact me at 783-3207 or [email protected].

— Paul, no town

ANSWER: What a generous person you are! I’m sure you’ll find a new home for your piano. Please let us know what happens.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Last summer I took my well-worn winter coat to Alterations by Judy at 906 Sabbatus St. in Lewiston, to have the zipper replaced.  She asked if I had five minutes then proceeded to take off the old slider and put a new one on the zipper.  It was a wonderful repair for $6.  I recommend her shop.

— Jon, no town

ANSWER: This recommendation is in response to the Dec. 27 Sun Spots about zipper repair. It’s really important to have a great seamstress in your life. And I’m so happy that people rely on Sun Spots for recommendations and to share such good information.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have a large collection of cookbooks to donate. Many of them are Taste of Home. If anyone is interested, please call me at 751-8167.

— Pat, Lisbon

ANSWER: Ooh! I love cookbooks and the ones from Taste of Home are really wonderful, with lots of great photos. Someone is going to snatch those up! Let us know!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Are there any night schools or classes teaching the fundamentals of using a table saw, planer, band saw, etc. The basic setup for each tool would be appreciated.

— Richard, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: I’m putting this out to readers and wondering if there is anyone in Sun Spots Land who is willing to share these skills or knows of someone who could conduct some classes.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Is the United States Postal Service still delivering six days a week? For the past several months I have noticed no mail carriers on our street on many different days. Our curbside mail boxes are delivered by vehicles. Interesting to note, I have seen USPS vehicles on our street delivering packages on the same day that regular mail is not delivered.

The first thing I look at in the Sun Journal is Sun Spots. I love it.

— Gene, Lewiston

ANSWER: Hmmm…I get mail six days a week. At least I think I do! I wonder if you live in an area where they are short of carriers. I recommend you call or visit your local post office and see what’s up.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I had an unfortunate accident on Saturday, Dec. 28. My daughter was with me. I stopped counting after more than drivers in 13 vehicles asked if we needed help and if we were hurt. Luckily, we were not. One gentleman insisted on staying with us until the tow truck arrived an hour and a half later. He would not take any money but I cannot thank him enough. There are many good people in Maine.

Thanks for this column.

— Jeanne, Turner

ANSWER: I am so glad you had angels coming to help you, Jeanne. And thank goodness you and your daughter weren’t hurt!

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