I attended the meeting of the Androscoggin County Commission on Jan. 8, when commissioners considered the issue of rescinding their earlier support for the proposed Central Maine Power transmission line (misleadingly called New England Clean Energy Connect). I was impressed with the way commissioners appeared to really be listening to members of the public as they spoke, the thoughtful questions they asked, and that each commissioner seemed to be committed to representing their constituents’ views on the transmission line, ending in a 5-1 vote to rescind.

What stood out most for me at the meeting, as well as throughout the process of citizen involvement in stopping this project, is the unity of purpose. Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians and Greens, environmental organizations, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, the outdoor recreational outfits, the wood products industry and biomass companies — all working together to stop a transmission line that offers next to nothing for Maine but will reap huge profits for a multinational corporation.

In a time of political polarization, this unity reaffirms for me the commitment that Mainers have to preserving the unique and wonderful northwest corner of our state.

Renee Cote, Auburn

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