The invasion has begun
Those lighted orbs in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park are pretty and all, but they kind of remind me of the pods in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” I’ll bet if I were to shinny up a tree and hit one with a stick, Donald Sutherland would fall out.

Of course…
If pod people start roaming around downtown Lewiston, who’s going to notice?

You didn’t hear it from me
You’ll notice that all winter long, I haven’t made a single snide comment about how wimpy our snowstorms have been thus far. I haven’t mentioned that every time I see the post-storm snowfall totals, my snorting laughter alone is enough to clear my entire driveway and part of the neighbor’s. Not once have I remarked that if this keeps up, I can keep the snowblower parked in the garage and just keep using a little whisk broom to clean up after these so-called storms. I haven’t said any of these things because you just know that if I did, we’d get walloped by a blizzard the day after and we’d all be stuck with 24 inches of snow weighing in at one ton per square foot. You people would hate me for it and you’d build effigy snowmen of me just so you could beat them with hockey sticks. You know, just like last year. So I ain’t saying nuttin.

‘Animal Kingdom’
You know how I’m always going on about how I’ve never been much of a TV person and how I think it’s big, fat waste of time to sit there gawking at a screen for hours at a time? Yeah, well I’ve discovered a new show on Amazon Prime that keeps me up until dawn every night so you can just toss all that self-righteousness out the window. If “Breaking Bad,” “Weeds” and “Point Break” collided in mid-air at supersonic speed, take the angry roiling flames from that collision and you’ve got “Animal Kingdom.” It’s the kind of show that will cause you to wake your wife up at 4 in the morning just so you can tell her about that horrible thing that happened to Smurf. And that, my friends, is why I’m now sleeping under the carport.

Little Horror Show on the Prairie
And speaking of hot, new, action-packed thrillers, my friends, at all costs you should skip season 6, episode 19 of “Little House on the Prairie” if you want to hang on to your fond memories of the show. Dear God! It’s “The Red Wedding” of Walnut Grove! Too dark, Michael Landon. Too dark.

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