The article on sports tourism (Jan. 16) was a great highlight of exciting things going on with sports in the area. I coach softball at the Ingersoll Arena Turf Facility, where we have 210-plus girls playing softball on Saturday afternoons this winter, which is awesome. One season, girls were from 17 different towns from as far away as Bath, Jay and Stoneham. The level of competition that comes from out-of-town to play can be impressive, which helps our local girls’ game. We have a great time playing softball while there is snow on the ground.

What is not awesome is that girls were turned away this year as the league was full, just as Ingersoll has turned away groups from the facility.

The article could have accentuated that Ingersoll is maxed out to highlight what a success it is. The facility is having a tremendous positive impact on sports and our children.

A second turf facility at the Auburn exit (dome style) would certainly put Auburn smack in the middle of the sports map in Maine.

With the talented staff in place right now and the city of Auburn backing their efforts, this is a perfect time to explore the possibilities.

Thomas Dean, Auburn

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