REGION — It’s almost that time of year again. The fourth annual change challenge will kick off February 1 and will extend the entire month. Last year area businesses raised over $6,900.. A little bit of change can add up quickly and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens this year. Any business not already involved can call 778-5048 to sign up. We’ll provide a Poland Spring jug for change, collect weekly so status updates can be shared on social media, and provide a trophy to the organization that raises the most in each tier.

The Tier 1 trophy (for employers with over 200 employees OR unrestricted customer traffic) currently resides at Verso in Jay. The Tier II trophy (for organizations of less than 200 employees) is currently held by Spruce Mountain Elementary School, also in Jay. Winners in each tier also get to designate one quarter of the total raised to a United Way Community partner of their choice. The remaining money is put into the Community Fund to be used among all Community Partners. Either way, the money raised here, stays here and helps many of our partners continue the good work that they do. This work includes feeding our seniors, putting food on food pantry shelves, housing domestic or sexual abuse survivors, educating our children and so much more.

We are excited to announce that this year, The Dugout Bar & Grill is matching the first $1,000 raised. This makes any contributions go that much further. Remember that a little bit adds up and can go a long way in benefiting our community. Keep an eye out for the finalized list of participating businesses. The list this year already includes:  Verso, Spruce Mountain School District (moving up to Tier I..), The Dugout Bar & Grill, Hannaford in Farmington, UMF, Franklin Community Health Network, Main-Land,  Western Maine Behavioral Health Services, United Way, and more to come or be confirmed.

United Way of the Tri-Valley Area’s mission is to unite people and resources to improve lives and build a strong and healthy community. Every dollar and hour is appreciated, so please consider helping United Way help others by making a tax deductible charitable contribution. For more information about United Way of the Tri-Valley Area, visit or call 778-5048. Be sure to follow United Way on Facebook to be kept up to speed on programs and initiatives that are up-coming (

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