100 Years Ago 1920

The committee of the Boys’ Conference needs money—and all of it from Lewiston. Two thousand dollars are the essentials from these two cities—of which $1,000 was to be from Auburn and $1,000 from Lewiston. Auburn raised $1,076 in a day. Lewiston has raised but $580 and there she sticks. It’s not complimentary to the city and the thing must be made good before Friday. The Boys Conference is a distinct, moral, economic and intellectual benefit to this community and to Maine.

50 Years Ago: 1970

Final plans for next weeks Exchange Club snowmobile rally will be discussed at the Exchange Clubs of both Lewiston and Auburn meet jointly Tuesday morning at Stekino’s Restaurant.

25 Years Ago: 1995

Ward 4 Councilman Harvey Theriault remembered when the old brick building at Cook and Second streets was the Dupont Bakery and bread cost six cents a loaf. Now, some 56 years of bread costs about a dollar and the former two-story bakery building is well on its way to becoming the New Auburn Community Center. “It was too good a building to tear down, really,” said Theriault, who toured the building Friday afternoon with other councilors. Construction on the $500,000 center, funded primarily through state and federal grants, began in October, and Architect David Duffy told councilors the project was both on budget and on time.

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