Richard and Frances House, residents at Market Square Health Care Center in Paris, pose before enjoying the senior prom there last year. Provided by Market Square Healthcare.

PARIS — Got a gown, tux, or dress shirt hanging in the closet collecting dust?

Market Square Health Care Center is looking for such clothing for its second annual Senior Prom in May.

The inaugural event sparked positive responses from residents, Activities Director Brianna Davis said.

“It sparked a lot of conversation,” she said. “They remembered their proms when they were in school, and if they didn’t get to go their prom, this was their way of being able to go. There were a few residents who you wouldn’t normally see come out to a group activity and interact as much as they did . . . they came out of their shell that night.”

It was held during National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

“We usually try to go a little bigger that week to celebrate all the residents and the facilities,” Davis said. “There’s usually a theme during the week. Last year we decided to do a senior prom, your typical you dress up and go to the dance and have prom like they do in school nowadays.”

But it presented a bit of a problem: How to fit all the residents in prom worthy attire.

Davis made a plea to the public asking for dresses, dress shirts, ties, boutoniers and corsages and soon her office was filled with 30 to 40  gowns.

“We had to customize some,” she said.

“Some of them were gowns you see that kids would wear today, but a lot of people brought in things that resembled things from the (residents’) time,” Davis said.

Men selected their favorite dress shirts and ties.

The donations made an impact. Some residents were taken back to their high school days, while others who never attended their prom had an opportunity to attend one.

The music was tailored to what was popular when the residents were in school, and almost every resident found a date to dance with, Davis said.

The center is accepting gowns, dresses, ties and shirts for this year’s prom, which will coincide with National Skilled Nursing Care Week, May 10-16. For information call Davis at  207-743-7086, ext. 5330, or message Market Square Health Care Center on Facebook.




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