With 14,000 miles of trails and incredible views, help ensure Maine remains a snowmobiler’s paradise. 

Have respect for private landowners. 
The majority of Maine’s snowmobile trails are on private land. Stay on marked trails and remember that modified exhausts are illegal. Always follow the rules and help keep Maine’s trails open.

Be safe and smart. 
Always operate your snowmobile at a safe and reasonable speed that is appropriate for the conditions and your riding ability. Stay alert and be aware of other riders on the trail and watch out for wildlife or other hazards. Keep in mind, ice conditions vary across the state and throughout the season. If you must cross a frozen water body, use EXTREME caution and if you don’t know, don’t go!

Never drink and ride! 
Alcohol and snowmobiles do NOT mix. Maine’s drunk driving laws are tough, spend your weekend with friends, not in the county jail.

Support the sport.
Love to ride? Consider joining a local snowmobile club, volunteer to help maintain trails and be sure your snowmobile is properly registered before riding.

Frequently asked questions
What do I do if I encounter a moose or other wildlife in the trail?
Please stop and maintain as much distance as possible until they step off the trail so you can pass safely. NEVER chase or pursue wild animals that often frequent trails. Any unnecessary physical activity can be dangerous or even deadly to an already stressed animal.

Can my child operate a snowmobile without adult supervision? 
A person may not permit a child under 10 years of age to operate a snowmobile unless the child is accompanied by an adult or they are riding on land that is owned by the parent or guardian or on land where permission for use has been granted to the parent or guardian.

How old must one be to operate a snowmobile across a public way? 
A person under 14 years of age may not operate a snowmobile across any public way maintained for travel.

Visit mefishwildlife.com/laws to view all of Maine’s snowmobiling laws. 

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