Many people go through life just accepting things as they happen. They shrug their shoulders and consider themselves lucky to have escaped injury. If they had left a minute or two later, they just may have been involved in that car crash. A lot of times these are written off as co-incidence. I have made a small rule for myself. If something happens twice, it may be co-incidence. But if I find I just missed being injured four or five times, it is no longer co-incidence. This also applies to if something is said to another and things happen as I say, it no longer is co-incidence. When I was around a lot of people in my life journey, I had to be careful what was said. At times, they would blame things on me for saying such. In reality, it was just a small warning that I knew I had to say. Our protectors are many. These next two little stories are examples of being protected and not asking for it.

Living out of town, one gets to experience many different animals and their actions. I don’t mind the moose tearing the clothesline down, or the bear up on my porch. This is just stuff that happens. I really did not like it that the skunk ran toward my house when it got scared. I had hoped it would run to the woods. Then there was the porcupine that decided he was safer on my porch. It took a bit of convincing to prove to them this was not their safe spot. I just voiced my feelings to the skunk, but the bb gun convinced the porcupine best stick to the trees and not my porch. But there was a time one of our animals took the lead on convincing the wild animals to keep out of their territory. My three daughters were out in the field in sort of a circle. Every once in a while, one would jump back and screech. Well, of course, curiosity got the best of me and I ventured over to see what the problem was. Mr. Tom Cat, who felt he was the boss of the house, tagged along behind me. As we approached the ladies, I could see a snake in the middle of the circle. If the snake moved toward one of the girls, they would jump and screech, always trying to maintain the circle. Mr. Tom Cat spied the snake and took action. When the snake moved toward one of the girls and they screeched, he reached out and slapped the fella on the head. A tiny little red spot appeared on the head of the snake and that was the end of the snake. Mr. Tom Cat just looked at the ladies and then the snake. The snake no longer moved, and Tom Cat put his tail in the air and walked away. He had done his job of protecting the ladies.

In my life journey, I have had many pets. The list goes from birds to pigs, goats, cats, and dogs but not horses. Working with horses at a young age, I grew to not like certain horses. All of these animals had definite personalities and the horse was the most difficult to deal with. But then, I was only nine years of age. A scrawny little kid. I enjoyed the black lab dog we had. Every time, he saw me with a spade, he knew it was digging time. Just as soon as I turned over a piece of sod, he was there digging his heart out. If we discovered a root of some sort, it became a contest who was to pull the root out of the ground. I would push him away and he would attempt to push me out of his way. It was a great contest between friends. One day though, Colby, (the lab) was acting most strange. He would throw something up in the air. When it landed back on the ground, he would jump and land on it with his shoulder. As I watched, I realized it was a snake near the house. If the snake moved, he would grab it, throw it into the air then land on it again. After a bit, the snake no longer moved.  Colby just sat there with his chest puffed out. He had done his job of protecting the house.

There are many examples that I can write about of animals protecting their people and the house. The big story is being protected by other spirits. I can not call these many events co-incidences because there are too many. Incidences such as traveling and all of a sudden hit a patch of ice and lose control. There would be a tractor trailer behind me and the two of us would dance about a bit then all things straighten out. In this dance, we would occupy the whole road and there was no one else in sight. When we regained control again, there would be traffic in front of us and behind us. One event such as this, you may call it luck, but after three or four times, it can not be considered just luck. In my younger days, it was nothing to rack up 35,000 to 40,000 miles a year. There is no doubt in my mind, I had an angel riding with me. I know there are people who will not allow themselves to think this. But it is so important, that we make the effort to give them credit. I am sure the majority of you can realize there were times in your life you escaped injury. I feel a simple thank you and a nod of the head helps greatly in case they are needed again. I have often wondered, Why Me?  What am I being saved for?  And so, I write these little stories.

Have a nice day now folks

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