Cutting boards
Coffee maker
Refrigerator (especially areas in contact with uncooked, unwashed food)
Kitchen sink and counter tops

Around the house
Bathroom light switches
Stove knobs
Microwave handles

Makeup bag
“The nooks, crannies, and bristles of makeup applicators are prime real estate for germs, especially if you carry your makeup bag outside the house. Germs that live on your makeup applicators can cause skin and eye infections.”

Shower tub
Floor around the toilet
Bath towels

“Wet laundry left in a machine, even for a short amount of time, can cause germs to flourish. You should transfer clean clothes to the dryer immediately after each wash. If clothes sit in the washer for more than 30 minutes, you may want to run a second cycle.”

“Pets can also bring germs and bacteria in your home, especially if they go outside. According to a study conducted by the NSF, pet bowls placed fourth in hot spots with the most germs in a home. Pet toys also carried staph, yeast and mold.”


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