There is no doubt about it: a “no” vote on Question 1 will protect our children’s health.

I support the right to decide, for “philosophical reasons,” that some people don’t want their children to have a vaccination, even one that has been proven to have a good risk-to-benefit profile. But if people choose to not have the vaccine, they shouldn’t be be allowed to put the rest of our kids at risk by attending our schools. The science is clear on the issue — it takes only a small percentage of unvaccinated children to jeopardize other students in a school.

So, contrary to what folks may hear, a “yes” vote doesn’t bother “Big Pharma.” They make a heck of a lot more money from other drugs than they do from vaccines. Instead, a “yes” vote actually puts young lives in the cross-hairs of preventable diseases.

Gregory D’Augustine, Greene

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