Some of the so-called “liberal” left-wing Democrats are unknowingly resurrecting the age old concept of majority rule (debated at length by America’s founding fathers while drafting the American Constitution). Many Democrats want to change the Constitution to eliminate the concept of electoral votes in choosing the president and representatives in Congress, and make those choices based solely on population.

That is, the person who gets the most votes is the one who is elected. Fair is fair, right?

Not if you live in a smaller or less populated district, state or city.

The concept ingrained into the Constitution is the “republican” form of government, where those districts or states which are distant or different from the seat of government are granted a degree of self-government. That means those entities can choose their own local leadership, which inherently knows more about the needs of the people in that area.

The greatest fault with “majority rule” by the central government was demonstrated by the failures of communist rule in the USSR, where the central government attempted to manage every facet of life, down to regulating what crops were to be grown by farmers, as well as what companies could or would produce, as well.

Similarly, the left seems to want to limit freedom of speech, especially in some universities, where conservative speakers are often barred from publicly speaking on campus.

Don’t mess with the Constitution.

Richard Grover, Mason Township

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