Here are some FAQs from the Axe Pit’s website.

How old do you have to be to throw an ax at the Axe Pit?
18 years old or 13 years old with a parent’s signature on our release form.

Am I too old or too weak to throw an ax?

What if I’m no good?
That’s fine! We are all teachers here and LIVE to help you feel comfortable and improve the way you throw and most importantly have fun doing it!

How many people can I bring?
ALL OF THEM! Yes! We now have a huge facility and can accommodate up to 72 people throwing axes at the same time!! We allow 6 people per target. You’ll see on our booking page that you can select the number of people you’d like to bring and how long you want to throw.

Is ax throwing safe?
YES! A quick safety brief is mandatory for anyone who has not thrown before. And if you use the proper throwing technique shown to you by our trained staff, not only is ax throwing safe, but it’s also more fun because you’ll be sticking that target like a pro!

But.. but… Have you seen the lady that almost got hit in the face with an ax?
Yes… we have seen that video. If you look close you’ll notice that the floor is rubber and the ax handle is also rubber. This makes for an unsafe environment. Our facility strictly adheres to the World Axe Throwing League regulations for this and many other reasons.


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