LD 1492, “An Act to Reform Drug Sentencing Laws,” is a bill that was recently introduced into the state of Maine Legislature. I think it is imperative that people are aware of the benefits this bill will bring to Maine. In summary, the bill will create a more expansive approach to substance abuse disorder by recognizing that too many Mainers are incarcerated in the criminal justice system due to drug-related charges or convictions. The bill will ensure that Mainers receive access to treatment.

As someone who spends time working in the Lewiston community, I see the effects of drug sentencing laws in my community. Too many people are incarcerated and then, upon release, are not given the necessary tools to succeed. There are barriers to seeking treatment, as well as large race and wealth disparities in the incarcerated population.

Ultimately, this bill will create safer communities by investing in the well-being of Mainers.

I sincerely support this bill and will be advocating for its success.

Nina Moskowitz, Lewiston

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