To the Editor:

Just a short note to let you know the Stop the CMP Corridor signature collection dive has been successful! Over 63,0000 valid signatures will be submitted.

Thanks goes to the Forest Ecology Network (FEN) members who collected signatures – bravo!

The next stage of the campaign is going to be hard fought. Avangrid, the Spanish Company that owns CMP, is funding a PAC “Clean Energy Matters” in opposition to the Stop the Corridor effort. Hydro-Quebec, the Canadian mega-dam company, has also registered a PAC. We are up against big money from foreign corporations.

We need to expose the disingenuous claim of these foreign corporations that this corridor is about clean energy and reducing greenhouse gases. Destroying tens of thousands of acres of carbon sequestering boreal forest to produce hydropower is headed completely in the wrong direction. FEN will be doing its part as a non-profit to Stop the CMP Corridor.

Jonathan Carter

Lexington Twp

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