Wicked Illustrations is displaying Victoria Fitzpatrick’s work – including this piece: “Shared Secrets” – in the Gritty’s Art and Ale window in Auburn for February. SYSTEM

AUBURN — Wicked Illustrations is displaying Victoria Fitzpatrick’s work in the Gritty’s Art and Ale window during February. Through painting, she likes to focus her work on the connection between art and emotion. She takes pride in being a mom and a USAF veteran.

“After my time in the military, I lost my sense of self. Art allowed me to piece myself back together and the G.I. Bill made it possible for me to follow my dreams. When people ask me what I am studying, they often look uncomfortable and unsure of what to say. I tend to quickly respond by saying, “Don’t worry, I’m already used to a high-stress and low-paying job”; because what matters most to me is not just having full pockets, but having a full heart. By pursuing art education and art therapy I want to continue living a life of service. I want to use the education I’ve earned to give back and share the power of art (with students, other veterans and anyone else open to the experience). I am proud to have served my country and I can’t wait to continue doing so through art.”

Born and raised in the L/A area, Fitzpatrick is pursuing a degree in art education with a minor in art therapy at the University of New England in Biddeford.

For more information, visit www.wickedillustrations.com.

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