Do you get skiddish when groomed corduroy snow becomes broken up or hard-packed snow becomes even firmer as the ski day goes on? Do patches of ice on a late afternoon slope make your hands sweat? Do you ski fast because you can’t ski slow and sometimes feel out of control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a good candidate for ski lessons. Ski lessons are not just for kids. As a matter of fact, a number of our Prime Time Ski Club members have just completed a series of four weekly lessons with the Sunday River SnowSports School and another four-week session will begin soon.

Ski club members taking the 90-minute lessons were divided into three groups: light blue, dark blue and black, signifying the color trail they are most comfortable skiing. The light blue group’s focus was primarily on proper posture for completing turns with more carving and less skidding. The dark blue group’s goal was to work on new skills such as skiing in “crud” and using pole touches. The black group focused on acquiring the skills to tackle changing conditions. They spent time intentionally skiing over ice and learned how to temper speed on steep, icy slopes with shorter turns.

A number of years ago Perfect Turn ski school had a slogan: “The better you get, the better it gets.” And that’s exactly what these Prime Timers who are taking lessons are finding out. They are skiing in all conditions and enjoying the sport more than ever. They are staying out later in the day. They are adding time to their “days on snow” count because there are fewer days they are not skiing because of the conditions. Sunday River offers private and group lessons and seasonal adult programs for all levels. Or if you are a Prime Time member, you can sign up to join other members in a group that will have the same instructor each week and you will have friends to practice with. You’re never too old to learn something new.

The members taking lessons are getting back to the ski club’s original purpose. In the mid-90’s, Prime Time was a seasonal instruction program offered by Sunday River’s Perfect Turn ski school for skiers 50 years and over. Eventually those involved in these lessons formed a

social club, called the Prime Time Ski Club. Although ski clinics continued for a while, the ski club soon changed its focus to providing companionship on the slopes for those who otherwise would be skiing alone. So if you’re 50 years or older and looking for someone to ski with, remember that the Prime Time Ski Club motto is “No one needs to ski alone.” Club members meet every weekday at Peak Lodge at 10 a.m. (lower level). After a brief time for announcements, members usually break into small groups of from four to eight skiers, based primarily on skiing ability and terrain preference. Check out our website at or just show up at Peak Lodge. Hope to see you soon.

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