DEAR SUN SPOTS: How can I make rehab a better place to live? It’s a boring place – day in and day out. All there is to do is eat, sleep and sit for hours. I’m so glad to be home. I am in my late 80s and if I fall, I’ll find a way to get up. I’ve seen friends lose their minds because they couldn’t read or write anymore. I’d like to make things better for those people.

I like to be busy and nights are long. In rehab, if you move just right you set off the alarm. I did it just trying to get comfortable. When the alarm goes off everyone wakes up and the nurses come running. I just sat up; I didn’t even put my feet over the side of the bed. The nurses wanted to stay with me overnight, but I said no as there was no room for them. My room was for one person only.

I keep my apartment clean. I have a lovely doctor who knows how I want to be home where I have lots of things to do. I know people will say how great rehab is, but to me it’s just a place to die, but the people are nice and the meals are good. They sometimes take us for walks.

I’ve lost good friends who have gone home with the Lord. I just want to help those in rehab to have a better time than I did. It’s boring sitting there day after day.

— Eunice, Auburn

ANSWER: First of all, I just want to say that I’m sorry you had such a hard time of it in rehab, Eunice, but I’m glad to hear you’re back in your home and I hope you’re feeling stronger and more like your old self.

It’s so wonderful that you want to take your recent experience and find a way to make life better for others. If you are able to do it physically and have transportation, I’m wondering if you could volunteer at a rehabilitation facility by visiting patients and even reading or playing board games or cards with them. A thought is to check in with the facility where you stayed and see how you could help. At the very least, the facility will want to have your feedback — both the positive and the negative.

Another resource is SeniorsPlus at 8 Falcon Rd. in Lewiston. They may be able to advise you on how you could help others as a volunteer or just a friend, or perhaps match you with other seniors to spend time with. The number is 795-4010. My best wishes to you, dear.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Please reprint the telephone number for the free AARP Tax-Aide service.

— Rachel, no town

ANSWER: AARP’s certified volunteer tax preparers are assisting low-to-moderate-income tax filers with this annual task three days per week at Sacred Heart Church at Minot and Western avenues in Auburn through April 4. Appointments may be made by calling 513-3170 and leaving a voicemail message. All ages are welcome and you don’t have to be an AARP member.

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