I would probably not vote for Mitt Romney if I were to be given the chance — I am a liberal Democrat and he is a corporatist Republican. Nonetheless, I admire his principled vote to convict President Trump. That was a vote which had few if any obvious advantages for his career, and which takes to its logical conclusion the very idea that many Republicans have agreed to, which is that the president leveraged the power of his office to bribe a weak foreign country into doing his political dirty work.

Romney’s principled stand is in stark contrast to Susan Collins’ pusillanimous vote to allow witnesses when she knew her vote wouldn’t matter and, then, having indicated by that vote that she didn’t agree to a witness-free “trial,” went ahead and voted to acquit Trump anyway.

I am really embarrassed to be represented by her and it is long past time for her to be put out to pasture and replaced by someone with demonstrable principles.

Mary Hunter, Lewiston

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