To the Editor:

The recent passing of Janet (Janie) Vogt brings to mind an individual who generously shared her various flowers and flowering shrubs with the Bethel Community. For many years, she brought countless bouquets of her flowers to the Bethel Historical Society’s special events that were deeply appreciated locally and by visitors from many destinations. She was always gracious and kind and her visits to the Society with flowers were much appreciated. She also opened her home gardens to the public on
several occasions.

After Jane and her husband Frank moved to Broad Street, I enjoyed visiting with them every so often. Frank was my English teacher when I was at Gould Academy and later my drama coach. He never forgot the most memorable play that I co-starred with another Gould Student, Dick Moody. The play was “Box and Cox” which featured a dishonest landlady who was attempting to rent one room to two men without their knowledge or permission. Jane always smiled every time the play came up for discussion and allowed Frank and I to have one more laugh with that memory!

Stan Howe

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