To the Editor:
At the present time the governing structure of this nation is not compliant to the will of its collective citizenry.  It is instead compromised and dominated by the influence of a self assumed and self serving mob boss, Donald Trump.
AS mob boss of the Republican establishment in Washington, Trumps illicit dominance of political persuasion is embellished and enhanced by his mob, the entrenched white house establishment in Washington and his dedicated accomplices in the Republican dominated Senate.
Even though having been rightfully impeached by the House of Representatives for abuse of power and obstruction of congress it was and is an absolute certainty that Trumps complicit Republican mob in the Senate would opt to acquit their domineering mob boss of any wrong doing.
About the only recourse left for the preservation of Democracy is for a concerned American electorate to rid its governing structure of the prevailing mob and mob boss establishment that now infests both the White House and the Republican dominated senate in Washington.
The upcoming 2020 election combined with the enlightened will of this nations collective citizenry is the only medium left for the preservation of the realm of Democracy that the founding fathers intended.
Don Chase

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