Mainers face a critically important decision in the upcoming referendum on mandatory vaccination. This choice will affect not only this state, but the entire nation. We absolutely have to get this right, and it is important, therefore, to understand what lies at the heart of Question 1.

We have heard that this is an up or down vote on vaccines and their effectiveness. We are told that we need to choose ignorance or knowledge. It is said that we need to protect our children and that can happen only through mandated vaccination.

There is only one problem with that message: it does not address the real issue at the heart of Question 1.

We are missing the point because Question 1 is not about vaccines. Ninety five percent of school children are already vaccinated, including my own. Parents are exercising their freedom to choose, and they are choosing to vaccinate.

Question 1 is about freedom. It is also about tyranny.

It is about the freedom to choose not to vaccinate in coordination with a doctor. It allows for the possibility that Mainers might want to make their own health care decisions.

Thus, Question 1 is also about tyranny. It states that Maine’s children, and parents, will have no choice if they are continue to receive an education in this state.

Is that the way life should be? It is up to Maine’s voters to decide.

On March 3, I am voting “yes” on Question 1 to preserve freedom.

John Libby, Auburn

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