To the Editor:

For Angus and Nancy Pelosi –

You may remember the time that Trump tied up Congress for about 39 days, I wrote you three letters in close succession and hoped you would share them with Nancy Pelosi and I think you did. Slide over Nancy, that limb you have been sitting on since the Trump state of the union message will easily support the both of us, Trump is a very ill person. I, at the age of 91, ask, no I demand, to speak my piece. I insist that Trump’s family should have his mental ability tested as well as his ability to do a second term. 

I actually fear that our democracy could end up as a thing of the past and that goes double for our constitution that our forefathers spent so much time on and did such a beautiful job, may also be in jeopardy. 

And Susan Collins, your ability to analyze may need an upgrade. You believe Trump may have changed his behavior. Romney, that was a beautiful thing you are doing – you don’t need to apologize to anyone. 

Mitch McConnell, I won’t waste time on you just to say you are plain disgusting. 

Janet Mills, we took your advice and bought a heat pump, but so far we haven’t received our compensation from the state 

And Hillary, you have every right to be angry, but let’s try hard to avoid dividing our party. 

Bloomburg, I just can’t lay claim on anyone who does well in life. You have admitted you have been a Republican independent. You have your weapons.

It’s going to take a little courage to put it in writing. Trump is very, very ill person. Just how do you present this fact? Of course, his family would have to confront him. We can be sure Trump’s family knows he has something wrong with him and are very aware of that fact. What we do need to find out is if his family can get together to give that patient of thorough examination. That would be the only way. 

I honestly believe this is only the only way to regain that constitution that our forefathers worked so hard and thoughtfully to put together. Apparently, they didn’t realize we would have a leader that would have a complete absence of a conscience and be a habitual liar. 

I, Ardene, will just love having our Democratic party as the party of honesty. Thank you, Chuck Shumer and so many others for your efforts. 

Ardene Proctor 


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