Common sense must prevail amid all this madness about impeachment and the upcoming barrage of political ads about to hit the airways. America’s economy is booming but it’s nothing new and exciting — it always comes and goes in waves.

People should ask themselves if a few more dollars in their paycheck blinds them to the daily hateful tweets and disparaging remarks from the White House. Do people cover their ears when the president calls anyone who disagrees with him a liar? Do people quietly stand by without blinking when the commander in chief calls the nation’s brave solders babies and losers?

People need to wake up to the damage that is happening to this country. We need to go back to being kind to our neighbors, welcoming people in, as we always have. This is a big country with room for many. Of all the states, Maine needs young, energetic people to fill job vacancies.

Take-home pay has increased because the minimum wage has finally gone up to a livable wage because the people of Maine clawed their way up and over a veto from the state’s past governor. It has nothing to do with anyone in the White House.

Do we sell our souls, our pride of country and our values for money?

Carole Richard, Livermore

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