Public service announcement No. 5 on what Fox News viewers are missing:

President Trump paid $28 billion to farmers harmed by his tough-guy trade tariffs — more than twice as much as Obama’s auto bailout. Socialism?

Trying to be funny, Trump gesticulated wildly while the National Anthem played at a private event. Unpatriotic mocking?

Trump told CNBC that the wheel was invented in America.

For each presidential trip to Mar-a-Lago, taxpayers shell out $1.2 million — to Trump

He said our troops suffered a “few headaches” in the Iranian missile attack that retaliated for their top general’s assassination. Those turned out to be traumatic brain injuries.

Trump said migrants trying to cross the border should be “shot in the legs.”

A Trump biographer predicted that the White House would distill Trump to his essence — a dark swirl of cruelty, violence and fear.

He doesn’t read books and knows virtually nothing about our history. “If you haven’t read hundreds of books you are functionally illiterate, and you will be incompetent because your personal experiences alone aren’t enough to sustain you,” James Mattis, former defense secretary, wrote in “Call Sign Chaos.”

Setting the record straight, the Mueller report on Russian election interference did not exonerate Trump and said he tried to obstruct justice 10 times. Also, thanks to Republicans’ fawning acquittal of Trump, it’s now OK for any president to seek foreign help in an election and to ignore congressional subpoenas — a violation of the Constitution that not even Richard Nixon attempted.

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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