I read with great interest the recent article,”Once wary, Brakey now embraces Trump” (Sun Journal, Feb. 13). Later in the article, Brakey states,”Trump is far and away the best president I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

It would seem, to me, that Brakey’s future is tied to his jumping on Trump’s coattails and I wonder if he remembers that all decisions come with consequences.

I believe we, as a society, have set a new “normal” regarding civility and morality when we accept as “normal” the actions of a president who tells the American people lies, who belittles anyone who disagrees with him (and, if possible, fires them), who demotes two military brothers (Vindmans) as retribution for testifying to the truth and has the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell state, “we won and they lost.”

No, sadly, the American people have lost. Our votes are controlled by money and gerrymandering.

Brakey’s greatest president said he would unite us as a country, yet we have a dysfunctional Congress, a Justice Department that is no longer independent from the president and intelligence agencies that are belittled by the president.

I might remind Brakey that there are three branches of government for a reason — “checks and balances.”

When, during his second term, Trump calls for changing the terms limits on the presidency, Brakey can cling to the coattails and state “fake news”; it is the new American way.

Norman Smith, Poland

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