People should vote “no” on March 3. They must not fall for the lies, misinformation and scare tactics being spread about using the term “Big Pharma.”

A people’s veto referendum vote will be held on March 3. Here is the wording, “verbatim,” from a sample ballot:

“Do you want to reject the new law that removes religious and philosophical exemptions to requiring immunization against certain communicable diseases for students to attend schools and colleges and for employees of nursery schools and health care facilities?

“A ‘Yes’ vote rejects the new law and maintains religious and philosophical exemptions to immunization requirements.

“A ‘No’ vote approves the new law which removes religious and philosophical exemptions to immunization requirements.”

I will vote “no.” I implore others to not vote “yes” and lose a good health law. Exemptions for medical reasons remain.

The wording focuses the issue on the word ”reject” which makes the question confusing. The last two explanatory paragraphs on the ballot beginning with “Yes” and “No” make it clear when a person chooses to vote.

At the time of this writing, I acknowledge similar “vote no” opinions in earlier letters by Dr. Paul Cain, Dr. Ben Lounsbury, the honorable Margaret Craven, Kiernan Majerus-Collins and Allison Long.

Thomas Shields, Auburn

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