I am a sophomore at Edward Little High School in Auburn and, although I cannot vote myself, I am doing my best to present the ideas and intentions of “Yes on 1” in every way I can.

“Yes on 1” is very important to any student who wants to pursue an education in Maine, including myself, because if this new law stands, choosing to pass on even one required immunization would remove the right to attend any school in Maine (including private schools and colleges and universities).

I am a sophomore and I really want to graduate from ELHS, but if this law stands, I could be kicked out of school simply because I didn’t get one dose of a vaccine. ELHS has provided me with so many opportunities to learn and to practice and grow my passions and talents and I would love to keep pursuing them. This law would prevent me from doing that.

Education is key in any person’s life. It shapes who you are and prepares you for the world and pursuit of a career. Some students in Maine could be forced out of school and all of the opportunities school includes, all because their family has decided that they don’t wish to take the risks that come with a certain immunization required by the state.

Voting “yes” keeps those requirements, but gives students and parents the freedom to work with their doctor to make the best decision for them and keeps kids like me in school.

Molly Gouette, Auburn

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